Saturday, March 9, 2013

River Life.......4 years hence!!

Well it's being awhile to say the least, back then I had just moved and was working on an old desktop!
But now we are in the future and I get to do this on my iPad.

I'm still on the river, I'm waiting for spring on planet Earth, spring is always welcome, it means we survived the cold, snow and cabin fever.
We can look forward to all things spring, fishing, gardening ( this year I plan a good size veggi garden ) we come out of the doldrums of winter into a new beginning.

I look out my sunroom window there is no ice on the river, there is still about a foot of snow on the earth, but as the temp rises it will disappear to become a dim memory.

Lots of plans this year, building a deck at the back and installing a hot tub, plus landscaping, the veggi garden, launching the boat, already adding new hooks to some of my fishing tackle.

Our sunroom is 3 season, but right now sitting here its 24c on this sunny day in early March, no need to go south, but then we had our yearly month in the sun, sand and sea. It was glorious that's for sure.

So spring is just around the corner, soon the river will be in full flood, time to launch my kayak and go with the flow, I find lots of useful items on the river in spring, lures, floats, docks, even boats, I feel almost Huckleberry Finn..ish at times just floating down my river of dreams.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

River Life/Hawaii

Almost the end of the non-summer, supposed to rain again today.
The river as been nice the last few days, getting out early in the kayaks, little fishing, (but not necessarily little fish), I've had 2-5lb Bass, Pike, no Muskie yet.

But there is hopefully better weather in my future because........

Another 3 weeks (Sept 16) we start our 12 day Hawaii cruise, leaving from Vancouver,BC on Carnival Spirit.
Never cruised before, should be interesting!

We disembark in Honolulu, then we fly back to Kauai for another 9 days.

I can already imagine thousands of photos I can use in my creations, its only right that I take Hawaii off-world.
I will try to keep you up to date on my trip, I'll have my iTouch with me for the net.


Art Show Aug 29th

Have decided its time to show my creations, there is an art show/sale, music,poetry readings,lots of other stuff.
Its right here in my new town of MARMORA, its called "Art in the Park".

Having sold my stuff on and having hundreds of fans across this planet
its time to take that giant step.

You can also visit my otherworldly profile Alienvisitor.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Back on Terra

Hello earthlings,

I have been away visiting many of the planets of the Andromeda Galaxy.

I have lots more pictures to show you. I visited some great cities in my travels.

They are cities that are waiting in your future, I know, I know, its hard to think of the future when the present is in your face.

Still, if I don't show you whats out there, beyond Earth, then you would never know.

I visited the worlds of the Imperium and their great cities.

Also in my travels some of the cities constructed for the peoples of the Foundation & Empire Alliance.

And on a world very much like Earth, a beautiful city of canals.

I hope you enjoy this sampling of some of the cities of your future, and stay tuned for much more.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Once a gardener.....

When I moved to the river, it was decided that our gardens would be very small.

At our home in the past the gardens were huge to say the least, we had about 200 different perennials, and split them every year for the 16 years we were there.

Now of course we have more land but also more grass, what we decided no longer holds.
For once a gardener,always a gardener, the gardens will grow....but.......slowly

River Life!!!!

River Life cont...

Well we are settled on the river now...............and so starts a new life.

What can I say about life on the river..........

Well its different, its slower, much more laid back than elsewhere on the planet.

For one thing my artistic creations seem to be more involved, the images and the stories that go with them have more "meat".

The alien in me is more content, maybe knowing that this is where this earthly body will remain.
Just to explore the cosmos with my alien mind....

And the work I produce is a pleasure for even me to behold.

Something to leave behind, not that I plan to leave anytime soon, still, one likes to know that something remains.

And who knows, maybe in a hundred trillion years ( have to think big ) somebeing with the human gene will still take pleasure in what I create.

This thinking is maybe related to River Life!!