Saturday, May 23, 2009

River Tales

Now that I'm living on the river and have almost unmoved, I can relax and enjoy it.

Today I did a little gardening, some reading (read a novel...all of it), then in the evening went down to the river, lit a fire, fished ( caught a couple of bass, one around 5 lbs ) course the season isn't open yet, I always catch and release anyway.

I'd like to say the days end was like Northern Sunset, but it wasn't.

We do have some nice ones, here, on the river, but the trees tend to get in the way!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Its such a HUGE area.

And it keeps expanding as humanity progresses, Hubble sends us images not unlike our scifi illustrators of the long past showed us.

So fiction becomes fact, one would think that eventually scifi would die out, what with all this fact.
But it won't, it can't, after all there is the future to keep it going.

And of course the Aliens in our minds.

I'm not sure what will happen when humanity finally goes beyond the solar system.

Anyway, just thought I'd reassure you!

Normal Post

I could just do a normal post, just like other bloggers.

ie: Its Sunday morning, its cold here today, little sun, little cloud, I'm feeling good.

But you can get most of that on the Weather Channel.

So what you get from me is, what you get from me.

Alien Stuff.


I just finished and posted another creation from my alien thoughts, the story got a bit long, but I could'nt stop.
It sometimes happens like that, there's a lot of stuff in there trying to get out all at once.
Control of it comes and goes, still, it will all eventually come out.

My new creation is Message in a Bottle, I hope you find it entertaining!

Friday, May 15, 2009


It as happened, I have now stepped into the future!!

I have put the past (old home) behind me, I sit in my new home, in my cave ( room, no windows, no distractions, I am here just to create ) and so yes, my cave, surrounded by the art of Alienvisitor .

The Alienmind is much stronger here, when I wish to enter back into my Humanmind, I rise from my cave, go into the upper level, into the sun.

But never fear my friends, the Alien in me will always call me back here to create.


Android-Before Substance

am i
a clone
a species
yet unknown
my maker
to wonder
where i came
what were
the features
i was supposed
to have
human maybe,
did i have
a past
do i have
a future
will i ever
but having
no memory
no substance
i will
until then
i will be
i will remain
i will hope
i will think
can I think
i will exist
without .........
i will be,
i will be,

i will wait
for substance.

AV - 2007