Sunday, June 7, 2009

Once a gardener.....

When I moved to the river, it was decided that our gardens would be very small.

At our home in the past the gardens were huge to say the least, we had about 200 different perennials, and split them every year for the 16 years we were there.

Now of course we have more land but also more grass, what we decided no longer holds.
For once a gardener,always a gardener, the gardens will grow....but.......slowly

River Life!!!!

River Life cont...

Well we are settled on the river now...............and so starts a new life.

What can I say about life on the river..........

Well its different, its slower, much more laid back than elsewhere on the planet.

For one thing my artistic creations seem to be more involved, the images and the stories that go with them have more "meat".

The alien in me is more content, maybe knowing that this is where this earthly body will remain.
Just to explore the cosmos with my alien mind....

And the work I produce is a pleasure for even me to behold.

Something to leave behind, not that I plan to leave anytime soon, still, one likes to know that something remains.

And who knows, maybe in a hundred trillion years ( have to think big ) somebeing with the human gene will still take pleasure in what I create.

This thinking is maybe related to River Life!!