Thursday, August 20, 2009

River Life/Hawaii

Almost the end of the non-summer, supposed to rain again today.
The river as been nice the last few days, getting out early in the kayaks, little fishing, (but not necessarily little fish), I've had 2-5lb Bass, Pike, no Muskie yet.

But there is hopefully better weather in my future because........

Another 3 weeks (Sept 16) we start our 12 day Hawaii cruise, leaving from Vancouver,BC on Carnival Spirit.
Never cruised before, should be interesting!

We disembark in Honolulu, then we fly back to Kauai for another 9 days.

I can already imagine thousands of photos I can use in my creations, its only right that I take Hawaii off-world.
I will try to keep you up to date on my trip, I'll have my iTouch with me for the net.


Art Show Aug 29th

Have decided its time to show my creations, there is an art show/sale, music,poetry readings,lots of other stuff.
Its right here in my new town of MARMORA, its called "Art in the Park".

Having sold my stuff on and having hundreds of fans across this planet
its time to take that giant step.

You can also visit my otherworldly profile Alienvisitor.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Back on Terra

Hello earthlings,

I have been away visiting many of the planets of the Andromeda Galaxy.

I have lots more pictures to show you. I visited some great cities in my travels.

They are cities that are waiting in your future, I know, I know, its hard to think of the future when the present is in your face.

Still, if I don't show you whats out there, beyond Earth, then you would never know.

I visited the worlds of the Imperium and their great cities.

Also in my travels some of the cities constructed for the peoples of the Foundation & Empire Alliance.

And on a world very much like Earth, a beautiful city of canals.

I hope you enjoy this sampling of some of the cities of your future, and stay tuned for much more.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Once a gardener.....

When I moved to the river, it was decided that our gardens would be very small.

At our home in the past the gardens were huge to say the least, we had about 200 different perennials, and split them every year for the 16 years we were there.

Now of course we have more land but also more grass, what we decided no longer holds.
For once a gardener,always a gardener, the gardens will grow....but.......slowly

River Life!!!!

River Life cont...

Well we are settled on the river now...............and so starts a new life.

What can I say about life on the river..........

Well its different, its slower, much more laid back than elsewhere on the planet.

For one thing my artistic creations seem to be more involved, the images and the stories that go with them have more "meat".

The alien in me is more content, maybe knowing that this is where this earthly body will remain.
Just to explore the cosmos with my alien mind....

And the work I produce is a pleasure for even me to behold.

Something to leave behind, not that I plan to leave anytime soon, still, one likes to know that something remains.

And who knows, maybe in a hundred trillion years ( have to think big ) somebeing with the human gene will still take pleasure in what I create.

This thinking is maybe related to River Life!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

River Tales

Now that I'm living on the river and have almost unmoved, I can relax and enjoy it.

Today I did a little gardening, some reading (read a novel...all of it), then in the evening went down to the river, lit a fire, fished ( caught a couple of bass, one around 5 lbs ) course the season isn't open yet, I always catch and release anyway.

I'd like to say the days end was like Northern Sunset, but it wasn't.

We do have some nice ones, here, on the river, but the trees tend to get in the way!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Its such a HUGE area.

And it keeps expanding as humanity progresses, Hubble sends us images not unlike our scifi illustrators of the long past showed us.

So fiction becomes fact, one would think that eventually scifi would die out, what with all this fact.
But it won't, it can't, after all there is the future to keep it going.

And of course the Aliens in our minds.

I'm not sure what will happen when humanity finally goes beyond the solar system.

Anyway, just thought I'd reassure you!

Normal Post

I could just do a normal post, just like other bloggers.

ie: Its Sunday morning, its cold here today, little sun, little cloud, I'm feeling good.

But you can get most of that on the Weather Channel.

So what you get from me is, what you get from me.

Alien Stuff.


I just finished and posted another creation from my alien thoughts, the story got a bit long, but I could'nt stop.
It sometimes happens like that, there's a lot of stuff in there trying to get out all at once.
Control of it comes and goes, still, it will all eventually come out.

My new creation is Message in a Bottle, I hope you find it entertaining!

Friday, May 15, 2009


It as happened, I have now stepped into the future!!

I have put the past (old home) behind me, I sit in my new home, in my cave ( room, no windows, no distractions, I am here just to create ) and so yes, my cave, surrounded by the art of Alienvisitor .

The Alienmind is much stronger here, when I wish to enter back into my Humanmind, I rise from my cave, go into the upper level, into the sun.

But never fear my friends, the Alien in me will always call me back here to create.


Android-Before Substance

am i
a clone
a species
yet unknown
my maker
to wonder
where i came
what were
the features
i was supposed
to have
human maybe,
did i have
a past
do i have
a future
will i ever
but having
no memory
no substance
i will
until then
i will be
i will remain
i will hope
i will think
can I think
i will exist
without .........
i will be,
i will be,

i will wait
for substance.

AV - 2007

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn. Ch.3


Zorind looked at me almost like an elder, he said just after activation he happened to touch a withered root in the furrow, its seedling gone.
He said he felt something, a feeling, a something, but thought no more about it, but only 3 cycles later he happened to touch a Warden who brushed against him in passing.
Zorind looked at me and said, I became the Warden, I knew what he thought, what he knew, I knew hiss whole life from the moment of activation.

At first he said, I figured my pod had cracked and it scared me badly but somehow I just knew this was a gift, for my telepathy had gone beyond even a Seekers level.
And it seemed I was the only one with it.
I was going to say something to you, but I knew if the collective found out you would be terminated.
I also knew this was a secret that should never be known, so if you are willing you must build a barrier that will store the information from the collective.

Well, it frightened me, but I was hiss pod mate, attached for both our long lives, ( at least I thought so ) I could not refuse.

He also told me that on the night he disappeared, somehow he projected thoughts that told the Warden some seedlings had played a prank and tied him to the root, so the Warden severed the root with hiss wand and floated away on hiss patrol.
Zorind was now free and took on the form of a Warden and floated far above the furrow,he told me there are millions of furrows across Zinnadin.

There are also tri stalks called Seekers.

The Seekers project their thoughts into the Great Void using the Zinnadin telepathy,hoping to contact other races.
And the Seekers have detected 12 species so far, but have not made contact and they have only been projecting for a mere 3 million cycles.
So took on the form of a Seeker, he said, and I know what they know, there are things I could tell you but it would put too much strain on your tendrils.
Somecycle you will know, if not, when I feel you are ready, then at that time I will tell you.

In the few cycles I was gone I have floated into the Great Void itself, I have found out a great many things, some almost too hard to believe, and others that make my tendrills stand on end.I have also met other species!

Their is a race of beings only 200 para-secs from our solar system, they are called the Kweeli, and they have invented a time/dimension ship.
I tried shifting to another dimension with my mind, but something happened and it didn't work
I have decided I want one of these ships, I must have one.
I know you don't want to hear it, but I have cross-pollenated with at least 3 different species of female its something I seem to be good at, spreading seed and being able to take on the form of any species is a definate bonus, some species have enlar............well I think you can use a little imagination, no! sorry, I'm sure imagination will grow within you.

I had no idea at the time what he was talking about.

Over the course of many cycles he told me things I wished I didn't know, it seemed this could go on forever.

But he had to get caught at some point, I tried to warm him, but he would not listen and cross-pollenation was hiss downfall... be cont..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oxygene - A Trip

Music from the very edge of space,a strange sound for earthly ears.

A sound that brings the Alien thoughts to human minds.

So I give you yet another Alien Mind trip.

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn - Ch.2

As I was saying Zorind was a bit of a rebel, always pushing , needing more than than hiss fellow seedlings.
One day while basking in the rays of Zan, he came up with the idea that he wanted to float beyond the furrow, when I told him he would not be able, hiss root was still attached to the bed, something happened that was most unsettling, he seemed to grow before my eye's.

I thought for a moment a Warden was there, but my vision cleared and it was only Zorind.

I asked him why he wanted this, he looked at me for a long time, he then uttered the words that would turn him into the first traveler of our race to leave the planet , to float into the void "I want to cross-pollinate".

I shivered............cross pollination can only be done with another species.And it was against all our teachings

The next cycle close to dawn I awoke from my dormancy to see 2 Wardens hovering between me and Zorind, one seemed to be attached to a root, there was some communication between them, then they floated away , I turned to Zorind.........Zorind was not there.
Then I knew and was saddened, they had come for him, taken and terminated him.

We seedlings have being taught from the pod that we are part of the collective and to be a free thinker is a "bad seed" and requires deactivation and termination.

So my friend of many cycles was gone, the next few cycles dragged by.

Then at dawn a few cycles later I awoke and turned to see who my new pod-mate was, I saw Zorind there, I knew then my pod had cracked from my grief.
As I turned away it spoke my name,told me I was not dreaming, that it was in fact Zorind.

At first I could not believe,but after awhile I realized it really was Zorind,.......then my questions poured forth!.
How was this possible, where did he go, what about the Wardens.
He then told me things beyond believing, things so strange, things that filled my dreams, things that almost made me want to follow Zorind wherever he led me.
I say almost, but I was not Zorind and never would be,................but still

Then hiss story began....... ch.3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn - Chapter 1

My name is Dniroz Nmmkarr, I will try to compose this/these writingss in your speak/way with not much help from a very primitive human translation machine.
Forgive it any errorss.

Zorind Rakkmnn,is at this writing 1457 of your years old,in my dimension/time/galaxy he is considered young.

Zorind is the first of my race to cross-pollinate with seed species other than hiss own ( this is why he had to leave the homeworld,and keep ahead of the Six Stalked Seed Wardens in the first place).

More on this later.

Shortly after the start of the Cremm/Zinnadin Conflict of 5676 RA (re-activation), the Zinnadin decided to deacivate all seedlings before first stalk. ( First Battle ).

The conflict lasted until the Cremm found a planet they could grown on, it lasted for 200,000 burnings of the great disc Zan.

Their leaving was a great relief for the Stalk Council. The counsil did not want change of any kind, at the time all Zinnadin believed this.

A side note here...........a rumour went around the stems that some seedlings were pollinated by, but did not leave, with the Cremm.
And the Cremm were into hybrid growths and cross-pollination in a big way, thats what the conflict was all about.

Soon after the Cremm left the seedlings, including Zorind and myself were re-activated.

Even as a shellcasting Zorin always wanted to explore, to question, it was not something any Zinnadin ever did.
But then Zorind was not your normal seedling................. ch2

Dniroz Nmmkarr - From the Pod

My name is Dniroz Nmmkarr, I am biographer/writer for the stories and ramblings of my friend, author and pod mate Zorind Rakkmnn

" May the Great Stalk be with you always "


Monday, April 20, 2009

Limitless Journey

One of the first jobs I had off-world was on the starship "Limitless Journey".

It was by far a stellar position and it lasted for 15 years.

Stories from the Pod

Since I had to leave to return to my pod and David is remaining for awhile, we thought we would reveal at this time, who we are and where we are from, and of course why we came back from your future in this dimension..

My name is Zorind Rakkmnn, and I am 1454 of your years old, in my time/dimension I am considered young.

I am known in this galaxy/time as AlienVisitor, and I travel with the human David Jackson and we arrived in our Time/Demeni-Light Ships – Blade in the Wind and Green Hills in your 8th century.

At that time humanity had a beautiful world.

But since then you you have been destroying it, we really came back from your far future to warn you of the impending disaster. We really wanted you to save this planet.

But we had little hope, and we still have little hope, it is said that you can't change the future.
Well at least not in this dimension.

And in this dimension you do destroy Mother Earth.

But don’t worry, after a few thousand years without you, the planet renews itself.

By then you will have left and forgotten this small planet you call home, (it was leave or die after your race almost commited self-genocide by poisoning the atmosphere with wars,and pollution and over-population.)

In that time the 50,000 humans who survived ( yes only 50,000) settled the other planets in your solar system.

After a few hundred years humanity moved on beyond the Milky Way.

Your race is, if nothing else, resilient, from the 50,000 you will build the race to 50,000,000 in a thousand years. Not anywhere close to what you were….but ........from small beginings.
Your world will be forgotten and it will remain so until after the end of the 2000 year war. But there is something about the planet that calls you back......maybe for another try??

About us.

Humankind will not discover my home world for another 2800 of your centuries,

I am from the moon Zinnadin which is the 4th moon of the Red Giant Zan,in the system Renna,deep within the Andromeda Galaxy.

David Jackson is from the new Earth, its the Earth you will come back to, its a pleasant world, it as many new species of flora & fauna, a mixture of some old with lots of new.
By then humanity will have formed an Alliance of 1227 species of beings,and will have colonized approx. 915,657 worlds.

The “creations” we show in our gallery are really photos of the many worlds we have visited in our travels across the cosmos.
But there are some you will never see, such as the shots I got of the Watuzziur, ugglleee… the shock would turn you into a jelly-like substance, not pleasant.

Some of our hobbies are time travel, species watching, watching females of most species, Garranti fishing, cooking , collecting antique starmaps, photography, I like to build sub-light shifters, David's into fishing and cooking in a big way,and we both enjoy Geocaching across Galaxies ( this is a great way to see some of the Universe).

“May you always create well and prosper”

Alienvisitor’s Imagi – Nation

Zorind & David.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dimensional Quantum Star Portal

There are some pretty weird things out beyond this spinning ball we live on and one such place as a "Dimensional Quantum Star Portal".

But its really not my story,and its best told by its author, a hatchling named Grendd.

Trips Beyond Earth

Today we travel beyond this Earth while staying on it.

In a way its much like teleportation, in that, no matter where I am on the planet, I can be off it. The imagination is a wonderous thing, and luckily I took pictures.
But I think today I will travel to a couple of different planets that have interesting moons.
First we will travel within our own solar system and view Mars from her moon Deimos.

Our own system as some quality vistas, and in other blogs Iwe will visit them!.
Next we travel to the planet Taluss V in the Andromeda Galaxy and nice capture of the moon in the city of Eniss Talonz.

Wonderful glow from that moon, nice city too!.

Most of my blogs will have an enviromental message also, in that we will visit places that could happen in humanities future, but don't have too.

So now I will take you for a look at one possible future Ruined Earth.

So stay tuned.........................

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spirit Seeker

Today I drove from my old home to my new home, so in the morning I drove from the past into the future.
And when driving alone I listen to music, on my journey into the future today I listened to the sound track from "Last of the Mohican's", a challenging sound, a sound of the future, but also the sounds of the death chant of the "People".

So with that I drove into the dawn, in my mind there formed the image of northern regions, forests, lakes and rivers, and thats where I'm heading, to my new home on the river. But of course that image is for the future, it won't go away, it will wait for when its needed.

So with the day at an end, I have to return to the past, because the transition is still taking place, both physically and mentally, the past pulling me back, and the future just beyond the horizon.

And so on the drive home I listened to "Spirit Seeker" an album with the sounds of the Skin Drum, the Rain Stick and just a pinch of Didge, and in the background the sounds of the deserts and forests, and bush.

All this from the Anglo Irish group "Dead Can Dance"

Showing me that the past will always be there, back beyond the mountains of the mind, it catches and is caught on the sharp edges and the imagination will bring it out when needed, but not always as remembered, for the imagination is not infallible.

And so this is my image for this day of change and transition, its an image of deserts and ageless continuation, and a place to confront the Spirit Seeker, and yes,as with all my creations, it waits for me on an alien world.

My Image

Alien Abduction..................not

Not that alien abduction wouldn't have been nice, but they didn't take me, I don't think they had the time that day, worst luck.
Although maybe not, you may ask what they looked like, these aliens, but I never saw them,but I did feel an alien presence in my mind.
They didn't ask me what planet this was, but they probably knew, and I'm sure they left something behind.......

I keep getting these strange visions of alien worlds, and space scenes beyond Earth, and the visions become creations and sometimes there are descriptions of where they are.........

So I guess in the few seconds they had, they filled my mind with these visions and stories, and they must want me to share this knowledge with the rest of humanity.

I wonder, if the were so intelligent, why they didn't know that the images would only be seen by a select few, and not all of humanity.

But maybe they really did know this, and the select few who view them and enjoy these creations be the catalyst to bring them to the rest of the human race.

But probably not!!

Still, I'll keep churning them out, there are so many in there, often a vivid imagination is a curse, but I think in my case its a wonderful gift.

So its a good thing they were in a hurry, anyway wherever they are out there, I thank them.

To my many fans who enjoy my creations.......many thanks.

"May you always create well and prosper"

Alienvisitor's Imagi - Nation