Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn - Chapter 1

My name is Dniroz Nmmkarr, I will try to compose this/these writingss in your speak/way with not much help from a very primitive human translation machine.
Forgive it any errorss.

Zorind Rakkmnn,is at this writing 1457 of your years old,in my dimension/time/galaxy he is considered young.

Zorind is the first of my race to cross-pollinate with seed species other than hiss own ( this is why he had to leave the homeworld,and keep ahead of the Six Stalked Seed Wardens in the first place).

More on this later.

Shortly after the start of the Cremm/Zinnadin Conflict of 5676 RA (re-activation), the Zinnadin decided to deacivate all seedlings before first stalk. ( First Battle ).

The conflict lasted until the Cremm found a planet they could grown on, it lasted for 200,000 burnings of the great disc Zan.

Their leaving was a great relief for the Stalk Council. The counsil did not want change of any kind, at the time all Zinnadin believed this.

A side note here...........a rumour went around the stems that some seedlings were pollinated by, but did not leave, with the Cremm.
And the Cremm were into hybrid growths and cross-pollination in a big way, thats what the conflict was all about.

Soon after the Cremm left the seedlings, including Zorind and myself were re-activated.

Even as a shellcasting Zorin always wanted to explore, to question, it was not something any Zinnadin ever did.
But then Zorind was not your normal seedling.................

cont.....in ch2

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