Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn - Ch.2

As I was saying Zorind was a bit of a rebel, always pushing , needing more than than hiss fellow seedlings.
One day while basking in the rays of Zan, he came up with the idea that he wanted to float beyond the furrow, when I told him he would not be able, hiss root was still attached to the bed, something happened that was most unsettling, he seemed to grow before my eye's.

I thought for a moment a Warden was there, but my vision cleared and it was only Zorind.

I asked him why he wanted this, he looked at me for a long time, he then uttered the words that would turn him into the first traveler of our race to leave the planet , to float into the void "I want to cross-pollinate".

I shivered............cross pollination can only be done with another species.And it was against all our teachings

The next cycle close to dawn I awoke from my dormancy to see 2 Wardens hovering between me and Zorind, one seemed to be attached to a root, there was some communication between them, then they floated away , I turned to Zorind.........Zorind was not there.
Then I knew and was saddened, they had come for him, taken and terminated him.

We seedlings have being taught from the pod that we are part of the collective and to be a free thinker is a "bad seed" and requires deactivation and termination.

So my friend of many cycles was gone, the next few cycles dragged by.

Then at dawn a few cycles later I awoke and turned to see who my new pod-mate was, I saw Zorind there, I knew then my pod had cracked from my grief.
As I turned away it spoke my name,told me I was not dreaming, that it was in fact Zorind.

At first I could not believe,but after awhile I realized it really was Zorind,.......then my questions poured forth!.
How was this possible, where did he go, what about the Wardens.
He then told me things beyond believing, things so strange, things that filled my dreams, things that almost made me want to follow Zorind wherever he led me.
I say almost, but I was not Zorind and never would be,................but still

Then hiss story began....... ch.3

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