Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spirit Seeker

Today I drove from my old home to my new home, so in the morning I drove from the past into the future.
And when driving alone I listen to music, on my journey into the future today I listened to the sound track from "Last of the Mohican's", a challenging sound, a sound of the future, but also the sounds of the death chant of the "People".

So with that I drove into the dawn, in my mind there formed the image of northern regions, forests, lakes and rivers, and thats where I'm heading, to my new home on the river. But of course that image is for the future, it won't go away, it will wait for when its needed.

So with the day at an end, I have to return to the past, because the transition is still taking place, both physically and mentally, the past pulling me back, and the future just beyond the horizon.

And so on the drive home I listened to "Spirit Seeker" an album with the sounds of the Skin Drum, the Rain Stick and just a pinch of Didge, and in the background the sounds of the deserts and forests, and bush.

All this from the Anglo Irish group "Dead Can Dance"

Showing me that the past will always be there, back beyond the mountains of the mind, it catches and is caught on the sharp edges and the imagination will bring it out when needed, but not always as remembered, for the imagination is not infallible.

And so this is my image for this day of change and transition, its an image of deserts and ageless continuation, and a place to confront the Spirit Seeker, and yes,as with all my creations, it waits for me on an alien world.

My Image

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