Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trips Beyond Earth

Today we travel beyond this Earth while staying on it.

In a way its much like teleportation, in that, no matter where I am on the planet, I can be off it. The imagination is a wonderous thing, and luckily I took pictures.
But I think today I will travel to a couple of different planets that have interesting moons.
First we will travel within our own solar system and view Mars from her moon Deimos.

Our own system as some quality vistas, and in other blogs Iwe will visit them!.
Next we travel to the planet Taluss V in the Andromeda Galaxy and nice capture of the moon in the city of Eniss Talonz.

Wonderful glow from that moon, nice city too!.

Most of my blogs will have an enviromental message also, in that we will visit places that could happen in humanities future, but don't have too.

So now I will take you for a look at one possible future Ruined Earth.

So stay tuned.........................

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