Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alien Abduction..................not

Not that alien abduction wouldn't have been nice, but they didn't take me, I don't think they had the time that day, worst luck.
Although maybe not, you may ask what they looked like, these aliens, but I never saw them,but I did feel an alien presence in my mind.
They didn't ask me what planet this was, but they probably knew, and I'm sure they left something behind.......

I keep getting these strange visions of alien worlds, and space scenes beyond Earth, and the visions become creations and sometimes there are descriptions of where they are.........

So I guess in the few seconds they had, they filled my mind with these visions and stories, and they must want me to share this knowledge with the rest of humanity.

I wonder, if the were so intelligent, why they didn't know that the images would only be seen by a select few, and not all of humanity.

But maybe they really did know this, and the select few who view them and enjoy these creations be the catalyst to bring them to the rest of the human race.

But probably not!!

Still, I'll keep churning them out, there are so many in there, often a vivid imagination is a curse, but I think in my case its a wonderful gift.

So its a good thing they were in a hurry, anyway wherever they are out there, I thank them.

To my many fans who enjoy my creations.......many thanks.

"May you always create well and prosper"

Alienvisitor's Imagi - Nation


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