Friday, April 24, 2009

A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn. Ch.3


Zorind looked at me almost like an elder, he said just after activation he happened to touch a withered root in the furrow, its seedling gone.
He said he felt something, a feeling, a something, but thought no more about it, but only 3 cycles later he happened to touch a Warden who brushed against him in passing.
Zorind looked at me and said, I became the Warden, I knew what he thought, what he knew, I knew hiss whole life from the moment of activation.

At first he said, I figured my pod had cracked and it scared me badly but somehow I just knew this was a gift, for my telepathy had gone beyond even a Seekers level.
And it seemed I was the only one with it.
I was going to say something to you, but I knew if the collective found out you would be terminated.
I also knew this was a secret that should never be known, so if you are willing you must build a barrier that will store the information from the collective.

Well, it frightened me, but I was hiss pod mate, attached for both our long lives, ( at least I thought so ) I could not refuse.

He also told me that on the night he disappeared, somehow he projected thoughts that told the Warden some seedlings had played a prank and tied him to the root, so the Warden severed the root with hiss wand and floated away on hiss patrol.
Zorind was now free and took on the form of a Warden and floated far above the furrow,he told me there are millions of furrows across Zinnadin.

There are also tri stalks called Seekers.

The Seekers project their thoughts into the Great Void using the Zinnadin telepathy,hoping to contact other races.
And the Seekers have detected 12 species so far, but have not made contact and they have only been projecting for a mere 3 million cycles.
So took on the form of a Seeker, he said, and I know what they know, there are things I could tell you but it would put too much strain on your tendrils.
Somecycle you will know, if not, when I feel you are ready, then at that time I will tell you.

In the few cycles I was gone I have floated into the Great Void itself, I have found out a great many things, some almost too hard to believe, and others that make my tendrills stand on end.I have also met other species!

Their is a race of beings only 200 para-secs from our solar system, they are called the Kweeli, and they have invented a time/dimension ship.
I tried shifting to another dimension with my mind, but something happened and it didn't work
I have decided I want one of these ships, I must have one.
I know you don't want to hear it, but I have cross-pollenated with at least 3 different species of female its something I seem to be good at, spreading seed and being able to take on the form of any species is a definate bonus, some species have enlar............well I think you can use a little imagination, no! sorry, I'm sure imagination will grow within you.

I had no idea at the time what he was talking about.

Over the course of many cycles he told me things I wished I didn't know, it seemed this could go on forever.

But he had to get caught at some point, I tried to warm him, but he would not listen and cross-pollenation was hiss downfall... be cont..

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