Monday, April 20, 2009

Stories from the Pod

Since I had to leave to return to my pod and David is remaining for awhile, we thought we would reveal at this time, who we are and where we are from, and of course why we came back from your future in this dimension..

My name is Zorind Rakkmnn, and I am 1454 of your years old, in my time/dimension I am considered young.

I am known in this galaxy/time as AlienVisitor, and I travel with the human David Jackson and we arrived in our Time/Demeni-Light Ships – Blade in the Wind and Green Hills in your 8th century.

At that time humanity had a beautiful world.

But since then you you have been destroying it, we really came back from your far future to warn you of the impending disaster. We really wanted you to save this planet.

But we had little hope, and we still have little hope, it is said that you can't change the future.
Well at least not in this dimension.

And in this dimension you do destroy Mother Earth.

But don’t worry, after a few thousand years without you, the planet renews itself.

By then you will have left and forgotten this small planet you call home, (it was leave or die after your race almost commited self-genocide by poisoning the atmosphere with wars,and pollution and over-population.)

In that time the 50,000 humans who survived ( yes only 50,000) settled the other planets in your solar system.

After a few hundred years humanity moved on beyond the Milky Way.

Your race is, if nothing else, resilient, from the 50,000 you will build the race to 50,000,000 in a thousand years. Not anywhere close to what you were….but ........from small beginings.
Your world will be forgotten and it will remain so until after the end of the 2000 year war. But there is something about the planet that calls you back......maybe for another try??

About us.

Humankind will not discover my home world for another 2800 of your centuries,

I am from the moon Zinnadin which is the 4th moon of the Red Giant Zan,in the system Renna,deep within the Andromeda Galaxy.

David Jackson is from the new Earth, its the Earth you will come back to, its a pleasant world, it as many new species of flora & fauna, a mixture of some old with lots of new.
By then humanity will have formed an Alliance of 1227 species of beings,and will have colonized approx. 915,657 worlds.

The “creations” we show in our gallery are really photos of the many worlds we have visited in our travels across the cosmos.
But there are some you will never see, such as the shots I got of the Watuzziur, ugglleee… the shock would turn you into a jelly-like substance, not pleasant.

Some of our hobbies are time travel, species watching, watching females of most species, Garranti fishing, cooking , collecting antique starmaps, photography, I like to build sub-light shifters, David's into fishing and cooking in a big way,and we both enjoy Geocaching across Galaxies ( this is a great way to see some of the Universe).

“May you always create well and prosper”

Alienvisitor’s Imagi – Nation

Zorind & David.

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