Saturday, May 23, 2009

River Tales

Now that I'm living on the river and have almost unmoved, I can relax and enjoy it.

Today I did a little gardening, some reading (read a novel...all of it), then in the evening went down to the river, lit a fire, fished ( caught a couple of bass, one around 5 lbs ) course the season isn't open yet, I always catch and release anyway.

I'd like to say the days end was like Northern Sunset, but it wasn't.

We do have some nice ones, here, on the river, but the trees tend to get in the way!

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  1. Hi AV, CLicked on your Alien Mind link and here I am. Goggled Google Earth for Marmora and found you on the Crowe River, right? Sounds nice. Glad you have a peaceful place to live and dream. When I was young I used to believe I was an alien from Capella in Auriga as it was a yellow star. Of course it is so huge that there is probably not a homeland there. Later in life, don't know if I told you this one - I was sitting under a tree in a field (like Newton, but it wasn't an apple tree). I was looking up at the sun imagining what it must be like to be sitting under a tree in a different galaxy far far away. Suddenly, it was I that was sitting under a tree in a galaxy far far away, realizing that there was someone else sitting under a tree in another galaxy far far away. I know this sounds stupid, but I am not pulling your leg. The idea transferred from being a dream or a thought to pure reality. We were (are) all on a galaxy far far away. For a moment I was incredibly lonely, knowing I could never meet all those beings, but at the same time I felt that peculiar comfort that comes from knowing all these others were existing and living lives, perhaps peaceful ones like ours in the same time continuum we are all wandering around in. Well, I just wanted to tell you that story and thank you for all the great off-world dreams you continue to manifest. As I noted in my last RB comment on your Tidal Bore dream, I am particulary drawn to those scenes that almost look Earth-like, but retain that sense of being somewhere magically in a distant untouchable location. Thanks so much for listening to my babble, and peace to you and yours. - Dave